Mineral Interest

Perry County

Statewide Tax Delinquent Mineral Interest Search Lookup


County Collector

Ricky Don Jones
Perry Sheriff/Collector
P.O. Box 146
Perryville AR 72126
(501) 889-5285

TPIDParcelTax YearOwnerSectionTownshipRangeLegalBalance
10005700950-00138-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE020418NW SE1.85
10005700950-00139-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE210418W/2 NE E/2 NW & NW NW9.26
10005700950-00140-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE240418SW SW1.85
10005700950-00141-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE150420NE NE1.85
10005700950-00142-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE360418PT SE SE 7 W/2 SE1.85
10005700950-00143-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE050417S/2 SE SE1.85
10005700950-00144-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE200416SE NE1.85
10005700950-00145-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE230517W 3/4 N/210.61
10005700950-00146-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE250417NW NE, NE NW3.70
10005700950-00147-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE260417SW NE1.85
10005700950-00148-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE270516SE SW1.96
10005700950-00149-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE350416NE SE & W/2 SE5.88
10005700950-00150-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE050316W/2 SW & NE SW5.88
10005700950-00151-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE070316SE NE1.85
10005700950-00152-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE100316E/2 NE S/2 SE SE SW9.80
10005700950-00153-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE110316W/2 SW3.92
10005700950-00154-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE040316W/2 S/27.40
10005700950-00155-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE050316N/2 N/2 & SE SW9.26
10005700950-00156-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE090316SW NW & NW SW3.70
10005700950-00157-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE360417S/2 NW & N/2 SW NE NE S/2 NE14.81
10005700950-00158-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE330416E/2 SW SE & E/2 NE15.68
10005700950-00159-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE330518NW NE & NE NW3.70
10005700950-00160-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE280516N/2 SW & NW SE5.88
10005700950-00161-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE180415PT N/2 NE1.96
10005700950-00162-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE070415PT SW SE SE1.96
10005700950-00163-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE290418NW NW1.85
10005700950-00163-1012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE290418SW NE & NW SW N OR R1.85
10005700950-00164-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE050419S/2 NW NE & SW NE2.95
10005700950-00165-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE130417E/2 EXC 5 AC SW COR14.58
10005700950-00166-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE040318ALL N/2 NW N OF R1.85
10005700950-00167-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE320418NE SE1.85
10005700950-00168-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE330418E/2 W/2 NW1.85
10005700950-00169-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE330418PT SW S & W OF R2.55
10005700950-00170-0002021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE330418E/2 NW SW N OF R1.85
10005700950-00171-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE290419SW NE & ALL NW SE N OF R2.08
10005700950-00173-0012021VANDALSEM MAR-JO SPENCE TRUSTEE040319N/2 SE SENE4.42
10001720950-00174-0012021SPENCE MARJO300417FRL SW7.29
10005720950-00241-0012021MCREYNOLDS WINNIE LOU300517E/2 SE MINERAL RIGHTS ONLY4.12
10002504950-00387-0012021PENN WILLIAM E REVOCABLE TRUST240418PT W/2 NW & PT SW 3/4 INTEREST8.08
10005720950-00392-0012021MCREYNOLDS WINNIE LOU270418E/2 NW, NE SW 1/4 INT1.16
10005767950-00696-0002021PEACOCK ARTHUR1304181/2 INT PT E/2 SE1.51