Mineral Interest

Calhoun County

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County Collector

Vernon E. Morris
Calhoun Sheriff/Collector
P.O. Box 1174
Hampton AR 71744
(870) 798-2357

TPIDParcelTaxYearOwnerSectionTownshipRangeLegal DescriptionBalance
5091200-00010-000M2022HORNADAY, FRED S25111225-11-12 34.5 acres PT SE SE NP1.8
1897200-00024-001M2022THOMASON, CHARLES MRS33121233-12-12 9.75 acres PT NW NW =1 AC PT SW SW 81.8
5100200-00203-000M2022FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MIDLAND #74830151230-15-12 SW SE1.8
5101200-00205-000M2022FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MIDLAND #94130151230-15-12 SE SW1.8
5103200-00212-000M2022FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MIDLAND #27831151231-15-12 FRL NW7.2
3007200-00223-000M2022FUNK, THOMAS E06161206-16-12 40 acres SE SW1.8
3007200-00224-000M2022FUNK, THOMAS E06161206-16-12 60 acres SE W OF BAYOU2.7
3007200-00226-000M2022FUNK, THOMAS E07161207-16-12 15 acres NW NE W OF BAYOU1.8
3007200-00227-000M2022FUNK, THOMAS E07161207-16-12 40 acres SW NE1.8
3007200-00228-000M2022FUNK, THOMAS E07161207-16-12 293.32 acres FRL W 1/213.28
3007200-00229-000M2022FUNK, THOMAS E07161207-16-12 80 acres W 1/2 SE3.6
3734200-00243-000M2022SEMPRA ENERGY PRODUCTION COMPANY20161220-16-12 1.37 acres PT SE SW SO OF MORO BAY 1/36%1.8
3734200-00244-000M2022SEMPRA ENERGY PRODUCTION COMPANY20161220-16-12 1.67 acres PT S 1/2 SE OF MORO BAY 1/67%1.8
5107200-00248-000M2022TAYLOR, GEORGE28161228-16-12 40 acres 1/5 OF .00908 NW NW1.8
5109200-00256-000M2022B H & M OIL COMPANY29161229-16-12 96.62 acres NE (1 FT BANK OF RIVER)4.5
3734200-00258-000M2022SEMPRA ENERGY PRODUCTION COMPANY29161229-16-12 3 acres E 1/2 NW1.8
51922200-00270-000M2022ENERTREE/CARKEL ENERGY ET AL02111302-11-13 40 acres SW SW1.8
2987200-00270-001M2022DAVIS, ALBERT LEE02111302-11-13 20 acres PT SE SW1.8
51922200-00271-000M2022ENERTREE/CARKEL ENERGY ET AL03111303-11-13 40 acres PT SW SW1.8
51922200-00272-000M2022ENERTREE/CARKEL ENERGY ET AL03111303-11-13 160 acres W 1/2 NW E 1/2 SE7.2
51922200-00278-000M2022ENERTREE/CARKEL ENERGY ET AL04111304-11-13 120 acres E 1/2 NE;SW NE5.18
51922200-00279-000M2022ENERTREE/CARKEL ENERGY ET AL04111304-11-13 40 acres PT NW NE1.73
5111200-00282-000M2022GRAY, GEORGIA BlAKLEY11111311-11-13 80 acres N 1/2 NE 1/4 INT3.6
5114200-00349-000M2022CHAFFIN, GAIL10121310-12-13 80 acres E 1/2 SE 1/2 INT3.6
5114200-00350-000M2022CHAFFIN, GAIL11121311-12-13 40 acres SW NE1.8
5114200-00359-000M2022CHAFFIN, GAIL12121312-12-13 80 acres W 1/2 SW3.6
5115200-00406-000M2022RILEY-CROSS INC20121320-12-13 40 acres NW NE1.8
5116200-00497-000M2022WILLIAMS, E O03131303-13-13 39 acres PT NW SE1.8
5120200-00513-000M2022EDENS, WILLIAM A06131306-13-13 169 acres7.65
3359200-00514-000M2022WOOD, N N06131306-13-13 45.88 acres FRL W 1/2 SW2.02
1897200-00528-000M2022THOMASON, CHARLES MRS11131311-13-13 80 acres SE SW & SW SE3.6
3005200-00603-000M2022FURLOW, H G ESTATE29131329-13-13 80 acres N 1/2 NE3.6
3005200-00604-000M2022FURLOW, H G ESTATE29131329-13-13 80 acres S 1/2 SE3.6
3005200-00610-000M2022FURLOW, H G ESTATE32131332-13-13 40 acres NE NE1.8
3005200-00611-000M2022FURLOW, H G ESTATE33131333-13-13 40 acres NW NE1.8
51296200-00659-000M2022MARTIN, GEORGE07141307-14-13 80 acres NW SW3.6
3005200-00674-000M2022FURLOW, H G ESTATE09141309-14-13 40 acres NE NE1.8
5123200-00721-000M2022STRINGFELLOW, ELSIE19141319-14-13 14 acres PT SE SE1.8
5123200-00741-000M2022STRINGFELLOW, ELSIE20141320-14-13 28 acres SW SW1.8
51296200-00761-000M2022MARTIN, GEORGE22141322-14-13 SW SW1.8
3003200-00777-000M2022JONES, DR ROBERT D24141324-14-13 1.89 acres PT NW SW1.8
3003200-00778-000M2022JONES, DR ROBERT D24141324-14-13 80 acres PT S 1/2 SW3.6
3003200-00779-000M2022JONES, DR ROBERT D24141324-14-13 40 acres PT SW SE1.8
3003200-00780-000M2022JONES, DR ROBERT D25141325-14-13 40 acres PT NW NE1.8
3003200-00781-000M2022JONES, DR ROBERT D25141325-14-13 80 acres PT N 1/2 NW3.6
3003200-00782-000M2022JONES, DR ROBERT D25141325-14-13 40 acres PT SE NW1.8
5123200-00820-000M2022STRINGFELLOW, ELSIE29141329-14-13 40 acres NW NW1.8
51412200-00967-000M2022PRYOR, JR, VICTOR W08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW3.6
5291200-00967-001M2022BUNDY, HENRY C (FIRST NAT. BANK)08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW2.48
5133200-00967-008M2022PATTERSON, LESLIE R & JOSEPHINE08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW31.95
5302200-00967-010M2022FARNHAM, JANET R08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW8.1
5303200-00967-012M2022STEWART, ROBERT W08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW2.48
5289200-00967-013M2022MUZYKA, MARTHA S THOMPSON EXEC08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW105.97
51412200-00967-026M2022PRYOR, JR, VICTOR W08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW8.32
51412200-00967-029M2022PRYOR, JR, VICTOR W08151308-15-13 ROARK 1,2,3,4 ARTESIAN FIELD SE SW5.4
5317200-01005-001M2022PARHAM, JAMES W17151317-15-13 CROSS/FREEMAN SMITH ARTESIAN FIELD WELLS 1,2,4,6,8,13,144.28
5316200-01005-004M2022CHAPEL, JOYCE PARHAM17151317-15-13 CROSS/FREEMAN SMITH ARTESIAN FIELD WELLS 1,2,4,6,8,13,1424.07
5140200-01092-000M2022BRAY, ROBIN Y/DEMUTH, CHERRY04161304-16-13 1.16 acres PT NW NE & PT S 1/2 NE1.8
52363200-01155-000M2022B & S PRODUCTION14161314-16-13 FREEMAN SMITH D FARM WELL MORO BAY FIELD NE SE6.3
4118200-01295-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE06111406-11-14 61.61 acres W 1/2 NW3.46
4118200-01296-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE06111406-11-14 45.01 acres NW SW1.73
4118200-01297-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE06111406-11-14 45.67 acres SW SW6.48
4118200-01298-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE07111407-11-14 N 1/2 NE3.46
4118200-01299-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE07111407-11-14 NW7.2
4118200-01300-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE07111407-11-14 173.32 acres SW7.2
4118200-01301-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE07111407-11-14 W 1/2 SE3.6
4118200-01302-000M2022SMYTHE, NATHAN M ESTATE07111407-11-14 76.74 acres FRL W 1/2 NW3.6
53433200-01343-001M2022MORRISON, WILLIAM Q28111428-11-14 40 acres SW SW1.8
6477200-01349-001M2022EVANS, JAMES C & SIBYL M33111433-11-14 35 acres PT NE SE1.8
6477200-01349-002M2022EVANS, JAMES C & SIBYL M33111433-11-14 38 acres PT SE SE1.8
6477200-01362-001M2022EVANS, JAMES C & SIBYL M04121404-12-14 40.42 acres FRL NE NE1.8
6477200-01362-002M2022EVANS, JAMES C & SIBYL M04121404-12-14 39.89 acres FRL NW NE1.8
6477200-01365-003M2022EVANS, JAMES C & SIBYL M34121434-12-14 20 acres S 1/2 SW SW1.8
3367200-01487-000M2022PARKER, VIRGIL ESTATE20131420-13-14 8 acres SW SW1.8
3367200-01530-000M2022PARKER, VIRGIL ESTATE29131429-13-14 40 acres NW NW1.8
2829200-01850-000M2022WALT, ELIZABETH B25141425-14-14 40 acres SE NW1.8
6523200-02392-001M2022GRIFFIN, BETTY GASTON15141515-14-15 40 acres NW NW1.8
6523200-02401-001M2022GRIFFIN, BETTY GASTON16141516-14-15 80 acres SE NE & NE SE3.6
52354200-02636-002M2022BISHOP, KATHLEEN, ET AL15141615-14-16 200 acres SW NW,NW SW,SE SW,SW SE &9
3003200-02738-000M2022JONES, DR ROBERT D00000000-00-00 LOTS 13-18 BLK 1182